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Court of Heaven Overview

Court of Heaven Overview


We have seen throughout Church history the restoration of the supernatural Kingdom of Heaven enterprise technologies that were lost over time, including the restoration of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, as well as prophets and apostles, to the Body of Christ. God restored the powerful prayer language and door-opening key of speaking in tongues. With this key, we have been able to unlock and access our Books of Life written in heaven before we were born. God has graciously extended greater and greater access to Kingdom protocols, blueprints, and schematics for such a time as this. He has invited us into the heavenly council chambers to learn new strategies, find new access codes, and the unveiling of missions and assignments to daily evict, dismantle and uproot any legal access, claim, or accusation by the kingdom of darkness and its emissaries to our lives, our families, our destinies, or to our ancestral bloodlines.


As believers in Yeshua, too often we have thought and spoken of acceleration, Wealth Transfer, the Bride of Christ, the 3rd Great Awakening, Billion-Soul Harvest, Sheep Nations, and the coming of the Lord and His Millennial Kingdom as far-off, ethereal concepts that have up until now, been seen by some Christians as distant dreams or lofty goals somehow disconnected from modern life or sociocultural and political reality. All of that has changed over the last few years or so as we have been catapulted into spiritual experiences, revelations, and Kingdom realities unheard of or unseen by most believers until now. The key that has unlocked these experiences is the Key of Trust, as well as the Key of Humility! I say this because until we were willing to let go of all-natural moorings and worldly intellectual scaffolding, and simply believe in God in childlike faith, and learn from Him, we could not have been introduced to these Kingdom structures, experiences, training, and tangible truths born of the Spirit.


Now we see the heavens opened over us and He has called to us, “Come up here.” I invite you to join us. The range of prophetic grace and expression has increased from encouraging, consoling, and building up personal words, to visions, dreams, and trances, and words for cities, nations, economies and rulers, kings, and those in authority. God has progressively opened our faith to experience the Third Heaven in ways we never imagined possible only a few short years ago—both individually and corporately in teams.


All that we have gone through – the good, the bad, and the ugly – has been a concerted effort by a loving God to position us for such a time as this. With sanctified and purified imagination, we have been through Apostolic/Prophetic crucibles of preparation. All discipline is not pleasant at the moment, and the momentary light afflictions were grievous; however, afterward, we find it has produced the peaceable fruit of righteousness. This had to happen, and we had to walk through the veil of adversity and suffering, and the valley of the shadow of death to be freed from self-centered independence from God and His will, and to come to a place of full and unconditional surrender of our will, death to self, obedience to Christ as Lord, intimacy with Him, and maturity as sons of God.


He has invited us as sons and daughters to be a part of His redemptive plan as never before. I say this because He is sending wave after wave of angels, anointed prophets, anointed apostles, and other gifted and trained servant leaders to release His children from inhibiting failures, family curses, and the enemy’s tried and tested avenues of sabotage and bondage. Words like Holiness, Purity, Sanctification, and being Perfected and Glorified have seemed out of reach to some Christians, who seem to think that only a very small, unusual set of people could ever be so special as to reach the lofty heights these words illicit. We know from His Word, however, that He has always intended for us all to be adorned with these qualities and accolades. He said about His Bride, “without spot or wrinkle.” If He said it, He also knows how to bring it to pass.


You can pretty much take all the words of the Bible and sort them into four broad, basic groupings as follows:


Outsiders (Nonfamilial) – those outside the camp, outside the covenant, outside of Christ, unbelievers, or pre-believers, etc.


Familial – Bride of Christ, Sons of God, adoption, one another, brothers, sisters, and all the admonitions that encourage kindness, generosity, and love for one another.


Governmental – Fivefold ministry, bishops, presbytery, kings, administrations, apostles, prophets, “Sent by God,” “Run the race,” and ministry.


Judicial – Justice, Righteousness, Holiness, Redemption, curses, sin, iniquities, transgressions, covenants, oaths, treaties, pacts, alliances, laws, forgiveness, repentance, and mercy.


Most of us understand and can identify quickly with the “Familial” and most of us have a pretty good grasp of the “Governmental.” However, when it comes to the “Judicial,” we find our frame of reference lacking, other than to know that if we sin, we can appeal to God for forgiveness and we can experience the relief of His mercy and love as He does forgive us.


What our loving Heavenly Father and Great Judge of the universe is doing is revealing the distinct Judicial protocol behind repentance, forgiveness, mercy, and reconciliation. We owe a great deal to our brother, Robert Henderson, an apostle in the Dallas, Texas area, who has spearheaded this revelation. His two books on this subject are available through Amazon.Com, as well as his recorded messages on YouTube, and these teachings have unlocked the realms of the Third Heaven judicial access, procedures, and protocols. With the help of the Heavenly Genius, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus our Advocate, we have gone higher and higher into the Court Rooms of Heaven in recent years.


In the Courts of Heaven Ministry, a special forces (think Delta, Seals, Rangers) team made up of a Navigator, Seer Apostle, and Seer Prophets (Eph. 2:20), has been used to guide and assist individuals to identify and remove barriers to blessings, break curses, renounce, and sever ties to false belief systems, and dismantle and demolish demonic or dysfunctional scaffolding (fortifications) and strongholds (fortresses) in both their own lives and their ancestral bloodlines. This in turn brings cleansing and healing to the ancestral bloodline of the person being ministered to. In a relatively short session of three hours, with the aid of God’s amazing grace, Holy Spirit, and an anointed team, and the trusting heart of the recipient, we have watched as God has truly restored the souls and accelerated the destinies of many people.


We have had the great joy to traverse Third Heaven dwelling places or courtrooms. We have been blessed to watch the Father, Son and Holy Spirit set people free of historic bondages, limitations, and sabotage. This is acceleration happening in real time. We have also seen individuals set free from emotional wounds as the Lord Jesus provides inner healing.


According to 1 Timothy 5:24, “The sins of some men are quite evident, going before them to judgment; for others, their sins follow after.” We see here that as long as there is life, we have time to make things right with God. There is no greater joy than to have the Father of the prodigals extend mercy and blessing. There is no greater scene than that of Joshua the High Priest standing under judgment in Zechariah chapter three and being issued a crown of gold and new clothes of holiness. There is such a lofty vision of the Saints all dressed in white garments in Revelation 3:5. What a joy to be able to run to Jesus with a complete sense of innocence, being completely forgiven through His blood and our repentance.


We have an amazing opportunity to go to the Throne of Grace and the Courts of Heaven to have God cleanse us of all unrighteousness and wipe our slates clean, expunging entries in our Book of Life, as if we had never done anything wrong or that nothing wrong had ever been done to us. This is the Judicial Technology that we have been made privy to and invited to participate in.


The great enterprise of the Kingdom of God is manifesting, and we are participants in the manifestation of the prayer that is said daily by no doubt millions of people. We have asked for it in faith, nothing doubting, and He is doing it.


“Thy will be done on earth, just as it is in heaven!”


Your freedom is right in front of you, and He is extending His hand and asking you to get out of the boat and walk on the water with Him. You are forgiven and He is standing as the great eternal judge to drop the gavel in your favor. NOT GUILTY! To learn more or schedule a session, click here.


Jude 1:24-25 says in closing, “Now to Him who is able to keep you from stumbling and to make you stand in the presence of His glory blameless (Innocent) with great joy, to the only God our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, dominion, and authority, before all time and now and forever. Amen.” (author’s emphasis).

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