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Can I Put Liquid Antibiotics In My Cat'S Food

Place the medicine-filled syringe into the cat's mouth before gently and slowly pressing the syringe's plunger. Give the cat about half a millimeter of medicine at a time so it's able to swallow, pause, and keep repeating this process until the cat has received all of the medicine. Part. 1. Don’t: Mix Medication Into a Cat’s Water.

Putting medication into a cat’s water is a really bad idea. At least I would think so. It’s the option that’s. Antibiotics can come as: tablets or liquids – best crushed and disguised in a tasty treat, like pate or soft cheese, unless the vet has told you to give them without food or has specifically advised not to crush the tablet creams, sprays or drops – you may need the help of someone else to apply these, and be sure to have some tasty treats handy!

Can I Put Liquid Antibiotics In My Cat'S Food - Discount Place

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